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Welcome To My Home Page
I served in Vietnam with the REDCATCHERS of the 199th Light Infantry Brigade as a medic, combat medic, and a senior combat medic. I am proud to have served with some of the best people in the world during my Vietnam tour. Our bond will live forever because of respect and the dignity of our friendship.
This Home Page will lead you on a journey of my life as a Vietnam Veteran, educator, community advocate, and family man and how Vietnam impact my life then, now and in the future. I will share with all of you who visit my site, my feelings, my family, my friends and my accomplishments.

I am very dedicated to the cause of Veterans' issues, because I remember Robert Ochoa, Paul Alaniz, Rudy "Chico" Vasquez, Raymond Witzig, Charles McGrown, and Harvey Cooley. You will understand and will know who these men were and why I, and many other remember them.
Served under great leaders and with good men.
I am very proud to have served with the 199th Light Infantry Brigade with the following units: Sept. 1967 to Dec. 6, 1967, C Co. 7th Spt. Bn. from Dec. 6, 1967 to Jan. 1, 1968, A. Co. 4th Bn. 12th Infantry, Lt. Wayne Morris Platoon Leader. Norman Reeves RTO; Jan. 2 to May 16, 1968 with D Company, 4th Bn. 12th Infantry as the Senior Medic, Capt. James Dabney CO and Lt. Wayne Smith, Platoon Leader.
Welcome To My Home Page
During the 199th Light Infantry Brigade Reunion Memorial Services on Sunday, May 26, 2002, Ram Chavez was asked to present the 199th Lt. Inf. Bde. wreath at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Ram was honored to be asked for such duty, but felt it should go to the Gold Star Sisters that were present. He asked Patricia E and Yolanda Bustemante whose brothers were KIA and were members of the 199th.

Sites to visit and learn more about Ram
You will be able to visit the Veteran Band of Corpus Christi website and read newspaper articles about Ram Chavez. I hope that visitors will sign my guest book and give me a chance to response and learn more about each other. During my attendance at our 199th Light Infantry Brigade Reunion in Washington, D.C. during the 2002 Memorial Weekend, I found new friends who served at the same time, before, and after I was in Vietnam. Their friendship, I will always cherish for the rest of my life.

199th Light Infantry Brigade, Vietnam (REDCATCHERS)
Presidential Unit Citation (Army), Streamer
embroidered SAIGON (company D 4th
Battalion 12th Infantry cited)I was a member of D Company, 4th Battalion, 12th Infantry from January 1, 1968 to May 12,1968, Capt. James Dabney, Co. Commander.
Ram Chavez